International Forum

1. Title  Seoul Sports MICE Promotion Policy Forum through the International Sport for All events
2. Period November 15th – 19th, 2017
3. Location SK Handball Venue (Seoul Olympic Park)
4. No. of Countries 40+
5. No. of Participants Foreign(600), Local(100)
6. Host Korean Federation of Kettlebell Lifting
7. Sponsor TAFISA(The Association For International Sport for All), KSSC(Korean Society for the Sociology of Sport)
8. Detailed Timetable



Time Theme Speaker Note
Day 1.
Nov. 15th
15;30 Pre-registration check and on-site registration     
16:00 Session1. Sports Event and Tourism: New Challenge of Globarizaiton    
16:00-16:35 _Congratulatory message Park, Kyu Yeon  Korean Federation of Kettlebell Lifting, Representative
16:35-16:55 _Presentation1. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the furture of Sport Tourism Kim, Yu Gyeom Seoul National University, Professor
16:55-17:15 _Presentation2. Future of Sport Tourism: New challenges and Activity Heo, Jin Mu Yonsei University, Professor
17:15-17:35 _Presentation3. Analysis on Effects of  Sport Tourism: Economy/Society/Culture/Health/Sports Environment Lim, Seung Yeop Korea University, Professor
Day 2.
Nov. 16th
8:30 Pre-registration check and on-site registration     
09:00-11:00 Session2. Applying Sports Science to prevent Kettlebell Lifting injuries    
  _Congratulatory message    
  _Presentation1. Kinematic Analysis of Kettlebell Lifting Posture Valentin Egorov All-russian Kettlebell Lifting Federation, Master trainer 
  _Presentation2. Injury Prevention Strategy through Weight training Lee, Jae Hyeok CrossFit Strike, CEO
13:30-15:30 Session3. Strategy to attract International Sports Organization to Seoul     
  _Congratulatory message    
  _Presentation1. New Approach to the Development of Sports Diplomacy Park, Jing Yeong Catholic Kwandong University, Professor
  _Presentation2. Study on Institutional proposal to attract International Sports Orgazniations Yoon, Gang Ro 국제스포츠외교연구원  원장
  _Presentation3. Strategy to attract “Asian Kettlebell Lifting Federation (tent.)” Uuisoimon Gankhuyag President of MKA 
Day 3.
Nov. 18th
8:30 Pre-registration check and on-site registration     
09:00-11:00 Session4. Strengthening of Referee ability and Fostering International Referee    
  _Congratulatory message    
  _Presentation1. Exploring competency modeling to foster International Referees Kim, Mi Suk  Korea Institute of Sport Science, Senior Researcher
  _Presentation2. Cast study: From Players to International Referee Lee, Jae Ho  First Korean Kettlebell Lifting International Referee
  _Presentation3. Study on enhancing Impartiality and Professonalism of Referee lee, Mun Hui First Women International Referee on ‘Rowing’
13:30-15:30 Session5. Reestablishing “World Games” Participation System and Regulations    
  _Congratulatory message    
  _Presentation1. Interntional Sports Organization Strategy for IWGA Certification Vasily Ginjko International of Kettlebell Lifting, General Secretary
  _Presentation2. Study on measures to complement  Kettlebell Lifting Guidelines based on the World Games Rule lgor Solodov International of Kettlebell Lifting, Vice-president
Day 4.
Nov. 19th
8:30 Pre-registration check and on-site registration     
09:00-11:00 Session6. Analysis of Energy Consumption and Effect in Kettlebell Lifting    
  _Congratulatory message    
  _Presentation1. Sport Physiological Approch of Kettlebell Lifting Ok, Deok Pil  MADFIT.PRO, Exercise Prescription ph.D.
  _Presentation2. Analysis of Kinetic Effects on Kettlebell Method Jury Petunov Vice-president in the American Region
  _Presentation3. How to design Fitness Program through Kettlebell exercise Hyun, Sung Eun  Kettlebell Lifting Championship Amateur Grand Prix. Hstudio CEO
13:30-15:30 Session7. World Anti-Doping Regulation and International Standards Guide    
  _Congratulatory message    
  _Presentation1. World Anti-Doping Agency Regulation Byeon, Seung Jun Korea Anti-Doping Agency, manager
  _Presentation2. KADA Dopting procedure and Operation Status Kwon, Jeong A  Korea Anti-Doping Agency, manager
  _Presentation3. Case Study on Russia Anti-Doping Valentin Egorov International of Kettlebell Lifting, International Judge

1. This forum is a paperless international conference. All materials will be uploaded online in adavnce to the forum and can be viewed via mobile.
2. Presenters are subject to change without notice.
3. Only online registration through official website is available.
4. Additional cost may incur in case of on-site registration.

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